• What´s the difference between the services for professionals and general public?

    There isn´t much difference between the two, except, unlike professional photographers, we only expect basic specifications from the general public, without selecting details of the services.

  • How can I deliver my photos to you?

    Simply upload your “Lightroom Smart Preview”, “jpeg” or “raw” images to Google Drive, Dropbox, Wetransfer or such and paste the link into your newly created order.

  • What´s Lightroom smart Previews and how can I create it?

    Please click here for full description including an instruction video by Adobe.

  • How can I pass my editing style to you?

    1. Create an Adobe Lightroom catalog containing 10 images edited in your style. It is preferable to make your selection as diverse as possible, containing images taken in different light conditions and both indoors and outdoors.

    2. Create Smart previews out of this catalog.

    3. If you like, you can also add your own Lightroom presets and make it all in one ZIP file.

    4. Log in to your account and select “MY EDITING STYLES”

    5. Name your style and upload the ZIP file to “My style 1” or “My style 2”.

  • What if I´m not satisfied with your output?

    Customer satisfaction is our priority, that´s why your feedback is very important to us.

    There´s order rating with every finished order where you can write down all the imperfections and also request reworking. Reworking of an order is free, of course.